WWHI 2 May 2018


My project arose out of Passion/Interest which led to cognitive thinking and planning. I am now at stage of approaching stakeholders with my first intervention.

First I need to understand where I am coming from    –    confirm my belief in my belief,      And most importantly   –  what is underpinning it  all.

Then I will have the confidence that being prepared brings me.  And feel and present myself as a professional.

the last few weeks I have been revisiting the WHAT? and the WHY?        as I feel uncomfortable at some things I have said and written.  Arrogance ????? !                  This has made me feel stuck.                                   But remembering “If you want to be an artist. Be an artist”.                             I had chosen 3 separate Stakeholders.                                                                        And then last Tuesday s seminar was of great help and timely for me.   Particularly the different means of communication we were asked to use that day freed up my thoughts and so

  1. I was able to acknowledge to myself I was “stuck” which was preventing me progressing to my next stage,
  2. it was surprising the cohorts reaction to what I spoke about and that so many raised their hands signifying they have similar self doubts as I do

3 the tutors comments on what I d said were so very helpful to bringing me back to basics. Especially that it was not merely personal reflection, but interior combining with exterior at this stage of my journey. And reminding me that this is the only world I have got and I have the same right as anyone else in it to try to make positive changes. Why not?

CONCLUSION        I was born in the world with thse useful skills etc.   so I may as well use them.

WAY FORWARD   I have a date for my first stakeholder intervention.        I will start “small” and learn how best to proceed from feedback.              I am working on the photo series I aim to use for the first intervention.    RESEARCH   appropriate to the above.    (which was unexpectedly so fruitful to me).

1/6/2018 Tate Modern. Joan Jonas in conversation with Dame Marina Warner.       QUOTATIONS.                                                                                                 JJ  “Learn to look  –  we look in different ways. And the image changes, it has its own energy. How you experience looking is personal.”                   Mirrors are complicated = public and personal elements.                                  distortions-reflections.   Altering the space and perspective.                      Use mirrors to change an image for the audience. She also spoke about illusions, perspections and shadows. Brecht and disruption. And her work disrupting the romantic involvement. Her being seeing as Surrealism which she does by putting 2 things together that don’t go together and then they make a different sense.      And playing with shadows in her self portraits.     And making the familiar strange.

22/5/2018 Royal Academy curator talk on Tacita Dean Landscapes.         She works with chance, mind-wandering, serendipity. subconscious.        Influenced by Paul Nash. “his finding of an object meant it existed”           Chance relationships, idea-driven research.     The act of finding by chance.   She makes “puzzle” pictures where small differences have to be spotted. Subtle but also a sense of fun in her work.                                       TD ” Picking an object out of its context embeddes it in Time”.

I am overwhelmed in the similaritires in thought of these two female artists. One born in 1936 and the other in the 1950s.

Both have current large exhibitions I am going back to visit.  I saw installations and minor showings of their work.  And then I will further enjoy comparing these 2 artists.                                                                                     Both are passionate about ecology.     One champions analogue photography and the  other embraces all new technology ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,                                                                                                  Research is very important to both their ways of working.

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