Tutor Brief  :  What did I learn from it?

I was glad I was at the end of a row of tables as

a) it confirms my idea I want people to be able to walk around/be interactive

b) other parts of the room seemed chaotic and not really how I best operate.

I had not quite understood the brief. I had thought that I was to set up my intervention so that if I was not present it would still be just as viable as an intervention to the stakeholder.    So not to rely on myself playing an interactive role with the stakeholder so the project was understood and meaningful.   To this end I had added various “hooks”,

I had therefore seen the aim of the brief was to focus on putting in place an intervention that could stand on its own, And this semed quite a good exercise for me!    As on the previous Friday with my first stakeholder, I was totally part, initially, of that experience with her.  Which I know is something I can do as I love explaining about things of interest to me.  I will give Richie a copy of her feedback .

I did understand tutors would come and question us on our intervention sometime during the event.

But I was disappointed that  Richie did not go to actually see my intervention on the table. it was more a verbal experience between us by the table. Not a visual one as had been by my stakeholder.

I am aware that feedback by stakeholders must not be about the content but about the question

Also Richie queried my lack of a 100 word outline of my proposal. I had not realised I needed to do one for the Showcase event, And I had thought that had been an exercise only for 2 weeks ago when I had submitted it.    Though I know my Question needs constant reiterating .

I had seen Richie coming as a stakeholder to SEE my intervention (Showcase) as well as quite rightly, questioning me on what was displayed after he had done so.     Boundaries of intent all got a bit blurred for me when he seemed to be wearing his tutor s hat and all took place as outlined above,    I would have been ok if I d understood from the outset that was the way it was meant to be.   And I was disappointed.  I did tell Richie at the time that I had been chewing over words and single words for months which as I love words I did enjoy and learnt so much from.  But I loved this opportunity for the chance to extend myself further with the visual intervention to answer questions and show what my Question is presenting as a proposition


I must continue to closely question what every brief requires so I understand better what is being required.

Remind myself that less can sometimes be more.  My assigned show area was too small for the amount I displayed and so maybe was confusing and thus uninviting ?   I had ensured plenty of table space for my first stakeholder and so that part had not been a problem.

it is so important each viewing takes into account the specifics for each separate stakeholder. Not just how I engage with each of them but also all the elements I present for an outcome that is helpful to my research.

Finally I was worried when I had been trying to answer Richie s questions I had appreared to be aggressive, which I did not feel in anyway. He has

assured me that I did not come over as that.

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