Tuesday 31 July 11am York Way   .       3rd Stakeholder  Lara  Intervention Event

Thursday 2 August.  Visit RAA Tacita Dean “Landscapes” photography exhibition

Friday 3 August. Meet RR and view room C105 to start planning group stakeholder event there on Thursday 16 August.

Saturday 4 August. Visit the Bethlem Gallery, Kent.

Tuesday 7 August.   CSM Library.  To print photos for Intervention event.                    I will need to choose how many and what photo series before this date.

Thursday 16 August . Group Intervention Event.                                                                         Monday 13 August.  make contact to confirm as they return from holiday.

P L A N  for   16 A U G U S T

I have had to take into account that the quality of the photos printed in the library is inferior to ones done in the Digital Developing Dept.  This is shut for refurbishment till end Sept,

So the various series working with Reflections will not be good enough to have the effect they elicit in the appropriate developing technique.

Therefore I will need to choose for this Intervention photos that evoke curiousity and challenge perceptions via asymmetry, dichotomy, paradox etc. these series have worked well as part of earlier Interventions.

Last week I did a test run of 8 photos using the equipment in the library.  Which I will use as a guide when organizing this Intervention.

I will have  as well as these photos on the walls, I will have on a table the display books with photos in various Reflections series,   As they are an important part of the Intervention.    They were in this way of display for earlier research interaction.

I am trying to keep to my immersive / interaction experience of the Tate Rothko Room

I am looking into a device to record (.not video) the group discussion part of my Intervention on the 16th..     Feedback on this aspect was a relief it not videod but also excited interest in being part of this.


I am playing with idea of sending a follow up questionnaire to all my stakeholders.

Around what they “learnt” / discovered  with the Intervention (positive and/or negative) and any impact on their life, how they view the world etc etc.   To explain in what areas and how,,,,,,, Also  a Comments section,


w/c 30 July      ACTION

: read all feedback by tutors, cohorts, assessments and my own writings about my MA Question.

: put in a post for my Learning Log describing my (and ongoing) journey with my Question.

: my visit to the Dragon Café on Monday 23 July –  collect my thoughts on quite a difficult experience.  Put it in my Learning Log.

: look into Skoll Foundation

: follow up Joan Jonas idea

: prepare for 3rd stakeholder event on Tuesday 31 July







FIRST INTERVENTION EVENT     15 JUNE   booked large room CSM

Beth comes from background of working in NHS / LGBT interest / experience and knowledge of mental health stigma / photography .

I handed her    a card ” AN ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE ”    This is my invitation to you To go on a Journey of Exploration, Discovery and Contemplation.

Then I spoke about specifics to do with my photos :      Reflections ( water, glass, windows, buildings ) Mirrors     (did not show this series).   Doorways, Through windows and fences and gates ,  Shadows ,  In and Out.                                 Hide and Seek, Making the Familiar Unfamiliar.

This led seaminglessly onto me presenting Beth with my intervention, I showed her one photo series at a time.  I had carefully chosen the order.               1 . Fog Sculpture      2. Blackfriars       3.  Leicester Square     4.  Station platforms  5. 02 Abstracts   6, Box Abstracts    7.  Cushion Abstracts   8.  Askew Road     9. Grapes

Initially I had to explain and lead more than I d anticipated. Though this is an enjoyable part of research for me.       ( Later I found out I d misunderstood RM saying the intervention should be effective even if I am absent ).

Beth asked if she could write bullet ponts as so many thoughts were coming up as she progressed.              I encouraged her to go back and forth as she viewed each file.    And I saw the “penny drop” moments she experienced.

I gave her times of silent activity as well as interaction.  At times she d physically touch a photo to show me what she d realised and discovered.             As progressed she spoke about how she related to what she was now looking at to what she d seen in early files .

Thus making all the separate photo series into a whole interactive intervention.  Something I had aimed for.


She also fed back to me via a full email the next week.                                                      She had learnt not to assume what she was seeing was what she was seeing and she learnt to explore further and was rewarded for doing so.  Initially it took her time to realise the photos were doing pffering this.   She said her curiousity had been evoked by each series in different ways.  She talked about “mind ganes” and playing with reality.      Also becoming aware of unexpected beauty.                                     She d been made aware of her own assumptions of what she looked at as when she looked further the photos enticed her to SEE.

She said she could the intervention as a way of education on several levels, specifically to do with tackling intrenched thinking underlying mental health stigma.

I gave her the interventions 3 coloured cards to take away.

” New ways of seeing the world ”    by Wolfgang Tillmans.                                                 “Society changes as we tell different stories” by Jeanette Winterton.                   “You need to love what you do – as failure is inevitable” by Nile Rogers.



4th July  in pub in Woolwich Arsenal.

I made changes for this intervention from what I assessed from the one with Beth.

  1.  each photo series must be in its own separate file
  2. reduce the number of series I present at the one event
  3. photos must be displayed so the file does not need to be turned for viewing
  4. I had amended some series files ( add or removing) so not to dilute what is being presented
  5. it worked well giving Beth one file at a time and then putting it closed on the table. I also suggested Anna go back to her first file of Fog Sculpture after her final file.   This was illuminating for both of us as she realised she had been on a journey of discovery combating her assumptions of what she saw. And she took that new knowledge when she returned to look at herfirst file and this time it was a richer more knowledgable experience.

This is Anna s list of files she viewed :

1. Fog Sculpture  2.  Blackfriars  3.  Leicester Square   4.  MOTHER    5. Kings Place   6.   Askew Road    7.  Grapes.

Otherwise I ran Anna s intervention event as I had with Beth.

Anna s has background of MA in Pschology / works for Healthwatch / photography .

She feedback ” it was to do with challenging myself.  Taking the time to see things differently and from different perspectives.    Not moving at a pace/style society sets me.”

She said I should add Shifting Realities” to my list of components,    and “Knowledge” to my Invitation.

She gave me contacts of possible use  –  The Maytree – Psychology Today website  –   mental health Lead s name for Healthwatch Lambeth as he be good for my approach to the Dragon Café to do group intervention there.

Anna also liked taking with her the 3 cards with quotations.

BOTH ANNA and BETH were hooked by my 100 word outline of my research question I had sent when I first approached them.   My proposal really interested them and made them want to be involved,  I don’t really know them that well..


My third stakeholder is now rescheduled for 20th July at a café in Kings X.

DATES OF ACTIVITY 12 june to 4 July

12 June  –  Viv Eades librarian session with me.

15 June –  first stakeholder ( B )     booked large meetimg room

18 June  –   MAAI Showcase event ( see previous post )

20 June  –   tutorial with Richie Manu

23 June  –   saw RED play about Mark Rothko by John Logan

24 June   –   Riverside Artists Group exhibition talks

2 July   –    second stakeholder ( L ) cancelled at last minute. To be rearranged

4 July   –   third stakeholder ( A )  Woolwich Arsenal –  large pub



David final WWHI tutorial group.    working in pairs explain our research project and write feedback to each other.

Preparing for this I realised I was still muddled in my mind of the appropriateness of wording in my question. Then suddenly I went back to my initial passion and grabbed 4 objects as tools I knew I could now use as visuals, rather than words.  Which also confirmed to myself that I still wanted to work with my initial reason why I wanted to do research.    I now knew with clarity way forward.   It is so easy to be side lined as so many avenues to explore pop up.

The 4 objects are symbolic. Thus I could hold each in turn to explain quite difficult concepts to my partner.

Since my interest is with communication (as an artist and art is about communication) and stigma being a bastardized form of communication based on assumptions.  I wanted to try this physical form of communication to talk about the importance of not just LOOKING but TO SEE.

SUNGLASSES  –  symbol of not being able to see clearly, choosing to be in the dark.                                                                                                                                                              SPECTACLES  –   trying to be able to see                                                                                  BINOCULARS    –    to explore and see what is in distance.                                                MAGNIFYING GLASS  –   to explore and see clearly what is close up.