David final WWHI tutorial group.    working in pairs explain our research project and write feedback to each other.

Preparing for this I realised I was still muddled in my mind of the appropriateness of wording in my question. Then suddenly I went back to my initial passion and grabbed 4 objects as tools I knew I could now use as visuals, rather than words.  Which also confirmed to myself that I still wanted to work with my initial reason why I wanted to do research.    I now knew with clarity way forward.   It is so easy to be side lined as so many avenues to explore pop up.

The 4 objects are symbolic. Thus I could hold each in turn to explain quite difficult concepts to my partner.

Since my interest is with communication (as an artist and art is about communication) and stigma being a bastardized form of communication based on assumptions.  I wanted to try this physical form of communication to talk about the importance of not just LOOKING but TO SEE.

SUNGLASSES  –  symbol of not being able to see clearly, choosing to be in the dark.                                                                                                                                                              SPECTACLES  –   trying to be able to see                                                                                  BINOCULARS    –    to explore and see what is in distance.                                                MAGNIFYING GLASS  –   to explore and see clearly what is close up.

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