ROOM C105  CSM    5.30-8pm,

( Eva, John, Rhiannon )

A few days beforehand I emailed them copy of my (draft)  MA Question with its 100 words outline.

I set the room up with a large table in the centre with 6 A5 display books laid out on it.      I used 3 walls to display the 40 A3 colour photos.    The 4th wall was all windows.  On my planning visit I had worked out how to incorporate this.

Wall 1 ]  Kings Place/Canal series    17 photos

Wall 2 ]  Cranes (Blackfriars}  series      9 photos

Wall 3 ]   Still Life Abstracts      14 photos


6 Display Books  on the Table      :

Fog Sculpture

Blackfriars  NOT Crane series

Leicester Square


Askew Road



For this event I decided to give them each a small notebook and pen from the outset.  I d learnt from the 3 previous events that a lot of concentration and ideas and thoughts whilst experiencing the Intervention made everyone ask for something to write on at some point during it.

This event I introduced the added interaction and feedback element.

Using a digital voice recorder I taped them having a group discussion after they had experienced  the Intervention.     I was asked if they meant to read out their notes.  I said only if they wanted to.  Or could use notes to help jog their thoughts.  They did the latter well knowing they had the security of their notes, I think.    I have that short recording.    They quite shy doing it so I am glad I not ask them that I videoed the discussion on my smartphone.

I started the event with us sitting together by the table and I read out the paper I had emailed them and I answered questions on it.  This was more indepth than I had expected and I was glad I had teaching experience .  I had purposely chosen members of the public and know nothing about 2 of them and the third only a little.   2 were young adults and it is great for me when I see , after they struggled with what my research was for,  the sudden understanding and agreeing nodding heads.   They all worked so hard that day.

I was able to lighten things up so it was seen also as a playful experience when I showed them my Invitation to them to go on this Journey.   They like everyone previously, liked their 3 quotation cards “going home” presents.

I then left the room.  I knew they were shy as never done this type of thing before and they (like me!) had no idea where the Journey would lead.  I am glad I did so as when I peeked after 10 minutes they either walking round the walls or sitting on table writing in notebook,

Below I have copied from the 3 notebooks   :


”  Things look different when a reflection is blurred. The world is discovering new ways to make things .        Change can be an amazing achievement .  Looking inside something you cannot see  makes me curious. ”


”  The way you look at something can change what you see.         Something may not be apparent from one perspective but be in plain sight from another,   Black and white photos display that you cannot see a true picture through one lens,                    You need to open your mind and sight, to truly understand,             What appears on the surface is not the reality.      A reflection can be disfigured and inaccurate.                              Don’t judge from a reflection.                    Look at the real subject,                                     Any issue or problem can seem overwhelming but from another perspective it can appear miniscule.                      Find your own perspective in life and don’t look through another person’s lens.”

NOTEBOOK THREE       ( I found this handwriting very difficult to read }

”  Same place will reflect differently in different occasions.   Looking ——–         It s like a test.      Something from the past feeling.                                                               Difficult to see if its the same thing.                                      That speaks more to me.   I still have different feelings of the same thing / and experience the thing / —”

Before we went for a drink all gave me their email addresses.  As they all keen I send them a feedback questionnaire in September.

Rhiannon told me her boyfriend just started a photography course and she knew he would have loved to have been part of the event.   So I offered to fix something sometime with him.  So I wiil do so as she also said he quite shy and could she come with also.




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