The group event of 16 August was the first time I have ever displayed my photographs.          It seems timely after that for me to evaluate my development as a photography artist.   My photos are my Intervention for my MA Research Question so this is important on several levels.

I am aware the MAAI course is stretching and challenging the way I think and learn as I had hoped when I came on the course.   This now seems to be reflected by that my artphoto work is not static even though I really do struggle at times to make it do and say what I want.

I have been lucky to hear the artists Joan Jonas, and more recently, Jenny Holzer talk in person about their life creative journeys.  W hich has encouraged me to know its ok to persevere.

Remember I have only in the last 18 months been using photography as my form of image making for my artistic purpose.   It is very freeing up for me as I go out of my comfort zone and explore from that part of myself also.  I was so nervous on 16 August.

During the untimetabled part of Unit 2, I have really worked at getting to know what my photo making device is capable of.  And most of the time it is hit or miss serendipity !

Just before the event on 16 August I realised I now “paint” make my photos. Rather than being dictated to by the limitations of using a digital device. A lovely moment !  And of course there are no limits unless I set them!                         It being a technical means is no longer an obstacle.

I remember it was no different with oil painting ( and watercolours } after I d left art school.  It took me years of solid endeavour before I learnt how to use the medium so it became a natural mode of expression and therefore communication for me.

All this is relevant in terms of extending and making more powerful my Intervention to hopefully have the impact and future outcomes I am aiming for with my MA Research Question.

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